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international painting annual 2 exhibition-in-print
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Boris Zakic
Georgetown, Kentucky

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This is my notebook entry logged in Paris, 05/24/2011, edited here for INPA2. The copy of Marat, oil on canvas, 40x30.5 inches (as in title) is not to be confused with Marat, 2007, 20x16 inches, oil on canvas, (pictured). Awkwardly, I carried the latter, still on stretchers, across the Cincinnati, JFK, Heathrow and Charles De Gaulle airports only a week earlier. To me, the scrappy nature of this note points not just to the amusing, often feverish sensations I experience while painting, but also to those other nuances that are otherwise difficult to communicate. The dates if anyone wonders about the eve of the note are circumstantial, too.

Marat (copy), oil on canvas, 40x30.5 inches

I say it's not 2012. Not yet. Then, why rush? Why deviate from the artist's statement? And why here?

"Painting belongs to murky halls!" Funny saying this is, as if confessing for the inadequate. We walked into the Métro at dusk only to walk up through the "murky hall" at Odéon. Coincidence or convenience, it didn‚t matter, I am ready. Excited and nervous, as I know you must have been so. The pocket blade of yours would not pry the lid for us. C‚mon, you can do it! So, we kept walking around the block. Gather courage at the next turn. You know, it's easier if no one sees you, but remember too, there is nothing to be gained in solitude. Picture a scene form La Verité (1960). There must be somebody, someone. There. Go say hello.

It's my night. Here, at a sweet little park, outside by nightfall. The sources David's drawing, skin, paint, yellowing and cracking will forever make me only seem like me. And yep, that's fine.



University of New Orleans, MFA, 2000

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Recent Paintings 2010, Texas A&M, Commerce, TX, 2010
Alizarine and Bronzino, Galerie Hertz, Louisville, KY, 2010

selected group shows

Liverpool Biennial 20TEN: The Independents, ViewTwo Gallery, Liverpool, UK, 2010
Cincy Fringe Festival, The Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 2010
Water Tower, LVAA Regional, Louisville, KY, 2010
Cincy Fringe Festival, The Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 2009



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